Wedding Ceremony Vows

Making Your Wedding Uniquely Yours Writing Your Own Vows

It's not as scary as it may seem. First of all keep in mind you are not a Carbon Copy of anything you have seen previously.

Your personalities are uniquely yours and your family and guests are coming to see you and your reactions to this whole event we call your Wedding not someone you are trying to be like.

Incorporate the wonderful way you met or the things you have found you love about each other.

Be Yourselves

One Wedding I performed where they wrote their own vows the Groom was instructed to be serious and write serious vows from his heart.

She on the other hand was setting him up she was anything but serious; she talked about how she will love him even when he goes bald,

"I can see it starting already," and about how he loves a beer and lieing on the couch watching the Football game and the funny way he reacts when she stands in front of the T.V. during the touchdowns.

Well the crowd was in hysterics she was better than a stand-up comic at a comedy club. But that was their style it is not necessarily yours.

I have also performed ceremonies where the vows written for each other were so heartfelt that there was not a dry eye in the place including my own. Perhaps; your personalities can express a little bit of who you are.

The Best Ceremonies

The BEST ceremonies I have performed is when the family and friends can share and have a little peak into the lives of these two individuals who are getting married. Let your personalities shine through don't settle for the "Cookie Cutter" Ceremony we have all seen so many of before.

Share with everyone there your values , your dreams for a bright future you may never get such an occasion again when so many are listening.

Let your vows be a surprise to each other that means no practicing on each other before the Big Day. This will create real reactions for everyone to share in as each of you are hearing the vows for the very first time. If you have already practiced on each other you will either get a phony response of delight or surprise or worst of all no response at all. Either one does not allow your guests to share the moment with you.

Let Your Body Speak

TMost couples think self composure is what to attain to. However; it's the slip ups, the bloopers, the awkward moments that everyone will remember.

No I am not saying make your Wedding a slapstick routine; but a surprise or two is not the end of the world. Some of the most memorable Weddings are when one or both decide to surprise each other at the altar. One Wedding as the Groom and Bride were Kneeling at the Altar on the bottom of the Grooms Shoes were written two words. Left Shoe "HELP" and the Right shoe "ME". Together "HELP ME". It was found out later the Grooms Men put it there as a joke unbeknownst to the Groom or Bride. One Groom repeating Vows from what I was saying choked a little as he was repeating the words "to be faithful to you alone"... I couldn't resist and I said you had to choke that one out didn't you ?

There was uproarious laughter because everyone knew him and loved him but those words were very true. More often than not when it comes times to put the rings on each others fingers a little swelling due to nervousness and room temperature will not permit them to go on easily.

Don't SWEAT IT make light of it sometimes it's the only reprieve or light moment in the marriage ceremony so be prepared for that to happen and just ride with it.

All Kidding Aside

Although; there is a time for fun and laughter there is also a time for seriousness. Your Vows must have an element of sober seriousness with all kidding aside. Throughout this Website are suggestions that will help you chose your thoughts. Keeping in mind your Vows made before family and friends are the most serious binding words you will ever speak before a group of people. Someone, somewhere will be sure to reminde you of these words someday when you most need to hear them. So choose them well.

Answer these Questions and You Will Have the Structure for Your Vows

The day you first met and how your heart jumped and what went through your mind.

The moment you realized you were in love and this is the one for you.

Your favorite song you both shared, Restaraunt, Meal, Hobby and how your Heart Reeled with delight as you were together.

What you see in him/her that makes you love them, that inspires you, that awakens you to dream again.

What goals are you now sharing together, what dreams and desires.

What has he/she done to make you better and what qualities does he/she have to keep your marriage strong.

Perhaps a Poem or words to a favorite song can express your feelings more eloquently and can be inserted at this point.

Compare how you felt before you met and how your world has changed after you met.

Compare things of Nature to your New Found Love. i.e. The Stars are Brighter, the Moon is Fuller etc.

Most of all don't forget to let your personality shine through your own Quirks afterall that is why so many love you.

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