Things to Add To Your Wedding Booking Your Wedding with Us

Booking Your Wedding with us :

Booking your Wedding with us already puts you miles ahead of other services. Firstly we only require on most Weddings a $200 Retainer for our services and the rest can be paid anywhere up to 30 days before Your Special Day.

You get a framable beautifully done Wedding Licence done in Caligraphy as our Wedding Gift to you presented to you on your Wedding Day.

Bonuses and Incentives : Use the Coupons and recieve up to 25 % off your Wedding and Rehearsal.

Regular price $350 for Wedding and $85.00 for Rehearsal for Weddings over 40 people.

$300.00 for Weddings under 40 people and $65.00 for Rehearsal.

$250.00 for small living room Weddings with 12 or less in attenadance. (Coupons not applicable)

Impromptu Weddings and Elopements in the Middle of the Night may fluctuate in price due to the circumstances.

1-877-714-4994 Your Special Day Wedding Services

Wedding Coaching

Never done this before. Just need answers to about a dozen questions. With our Wedding
Package you get our Wedding Coaching FREE ! ! Unlimited questions answered via e-mail within a day

Ask your questions from a Wedding Planner and Minister who has done over 1000 Weddings in 24  years and can offer invaluable advice to make your day something special.


Marriage Enrichment Sessions

Would you like to enroll in our 4 Hour Marriage Enrichment Session to set your Marriage on a firm foundation The hours can be broken up anyway convenient to you 2 and 2  or 1 once a week.

Topics discussed are as follows :

  • Who you really are and how you will be together.
  • Dealing with Stress Factors in Marriage and Life.
  • Finances and how to avoid the Debt Trap.
  • In-Laws or Out-Laws and the extended family.
  • Planning for the Special Day and Life Beyond.

These are Hard Topics to sometimes take a look at but for the serious couple that do not want any unpleasant surprises in Marriage these Sessions are for you. Be equipped with knowledge and have the tools you need for a Happy Marriage.Fee $425.00


Wedding Boggle Heads which are Heads of the Groom and Bride taken from a picture and put ontop of the Cake

We sell the figurines with your head on them just give us a picture of yourselves and about 3 to 4 weeks to get it to your door. It will cost you approximately $185 to $215 depending on the setting we will let you know upon your order.

We also can look into getting you some unique Cake Toppers if you would like Price varies a little but we can tell you if you are interested in one.


Ten Things To Ask The Minister Or Officiant Before He or She Marries You

(Ask for it it's yours for FREE)


Join our TradeBank

Join our TradeBank Network you trade your talents and abilities for other services. For instance suppose you can make up a pretty gift basket sell it for Trade Dollars then go out to a nice Restaurant on Trade Dollars.

Alot of things can be purchased for your Wedding that don't need real money but just your talents or service. Bonus is you start with $1000 dollars credit use it pay it back with your talent or service over the next calendar year.

For more information contact Reverend Stephen Ongo at:

Slim and Trim Before Your Wedding Day

My wife Susan is now helping Couples getting married with a new Slim and Trim program designed specifically for anyone wanting to take off 20 to 40 lbs in about 8 weeks for a special event coming up i.e your Wedding. You lose fast and only the targetted fat and replace with lean muscle and all you need to do is to eat 500 calories less and take this supplement.

For more information contact Reverend Stephen Ongo at:

Over $2500 in Savings off Wedding Services Value Added Certificates

Reverend Stephen has Networked with a lot of the Wedding Services one needs:
Photographers, Flowers, Caterers, D.J's, Tux Rentals, Wedding Cakes, Venues, Wedding Consultants, Video Services, Wedding Invitations, Decorators, Hair Salons, Limo Rentals and Bridal and Wedding Shop and more to give you the best savings possible. Use one of the services or all of them but they are there for you and your special day.

Check out our Value Added Certificates page.


Free Caligraphy for your Wedding Certificate

Makes a nice framable Wedding Certificate when it is done in Caligraphy and it is yours after Reverend Stephen does your Ceremony and presents it to you. Check out our Certificate Promotion.
(See Home Page:


Free "Create Your Own Ceremony"

You may have come to this site through my "CreateYour Own Ceremony" page. But if you came another way check it out. I have put format together where you can actually from start to finish create your very own ceremony (not just the Vows) but the complete ceremony in just a few minutes. Then submit it to me for the final approval or a suggestion and you will have the complete words for the Officiant to say.

Check out our Create Your Own Ceremony page. (See Home Page:


For Ministers and Officiants

To see what we are offering all Ministers and Officiants, please contact us at;


Value Added Certificates

Special offers are waiting for you. Discounts and advantages for your marriage and much more...


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Wedding Boggle Heads
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