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Beautiful Day Wedding Planners
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Instructions for Use and Authorization of Your Added Value Certificate

  • Fill in the proper name, email and call back number fields at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on your choice of Certificate for all certificates might not be what you need.
  • Your Certificate will then be e-mailed to you within 1 business day with directions and phone number of chosen vendor.
  • To Authourize your Certificate please call the 1-877 # on the Certificate at the time you are at the Vendors with Vendors Name Your Name, Call Back Number (Your Cell or Home Phone) and the Amount of your purchase.
    (This is Very Important or Your Coupon May Not Be Authourized)
  • The 1-877# Authourization number is totally Automated and will ask for those things you need only leave a message and the system will verify and authorourize while you are on the phone. You can then hang-up and carry on your transaction.
  • If you know the day and time you want to visit the Vendor drop Y.S.D. and e-mail and we will make a reservation for you. yourspecialday.stephen@gmail.com
    We will send you back a confirmation within 1 business day.
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