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Over the years I have had a few Brides give to me a complete Wedding Ceremony written out from start to finish. This began the thought process that became the seeds to what you see here before you. I have made it easy for you to "Create Your Own Ceremony" in just a few moments with just a few steps.

Go to the heading provided and read the different passages. Chose one of the passages, click on it and it moves over to a page entitled :" Your Ceremony" Go to the next sub title and repeat the process chosing your favorite passage; click and that passage moves over to "Your Ceremony" page.

When you have one passage under each heading you have created your own  wedding ceremony. That easy ! ! Submit for review and it will be returned to you usually the same day if not the next day with remarks, suggestions for wedding services and how long the ceremony is and what might enhance we can perform your wedding ceremony at a 25% discount or you can take your Ceremony to an Wedding Officiant you have already chosen. Afterall this is "Your Ceremony for Your Special Day"?


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