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Remember the M.C.’s Set the Mood !

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

3 Types Of Wedding Reception M.C.’s and the Way I See It :
These days your Wedding Ceremony can take you to all kinds of wonderful
and exotic locations. The Ceremony Vows can be done wherever the Wedding
Planning is decided upon. Be it a Civil Ceremony or Traditional Wedding.
Reverend Stephen Ongo founder of speaks freely.

Then comes the Reception a time almost everyone has been waiting for
a time of fun ,dancing and drinking. But chose your M.C.’s well they can
set the mood for the evening or put a bad taste in the mouths of family and

I will classify at least the 3 that stand out to me.

Just for Fun I have tagged them so you can see the personality types :
1# The Happy Rambler
The Happy Rambler is the M.C. that was chosen because he is not
shy to talk publicly. He can talk to anyone about anything and someone
said I think I will ask him to be my M.C. The only thing they may not
have anticipated is when he gets nervous he “Rambles”.
He talks and talks about irrelvant stuff unprepared for the occasion
and after awhile your guests and family soon lose interest.
The way I see it is have someone in the family (not yourself)
kind of subtley screen what your M.C. will be talking about
and where he will be going with his material and give him a time limit.

2# The Loosey Goosey
The Loosey Goosey has been drinking a little too much before your
Ceremony perhaps thinking it will relax him/her to do the M.C.’s job.
But what it has done in essence is that it has removed all inhibitions.
Anything goes now bad jokes,off colour humour,sexist remarks.
This can quickly create a very uncomfortable atmosphere among
your guests and family not knowing why this guy/gal is up there “Ruining
Your Special Day”.
The way I see it is set the standards high for your M.C. tell him/her the mood
you want him to create be it a “Fun Laughing Time or Sentimental Loving
Time” and do not allow drinking for him/ her until after their job as M.C.

3# The Inside Man
The Inside Man or Woman has been chosen as M.C. because they have
the “Goods on the Bride or Groom” know all the little secrets and embarassing
moments in their lives. And now they have a chance to exploit them as the M.C.
Some of this can be tastefully done and in good humour but some of the
“Inside Stuff” is better left alone. There is no humour when the “Inside Jokes”
are only between the M.C. and the Bride or Groom and not fully explained.
The way I see it the M.C. should only sprinkle us with fully explained embarassing
moments and not make a full “Stand-Up Routine of Inside Jokes” only they get.
Once again have a trusted friend review the material of your M.C. tell him/her what is acceptable and what is not. aiht4q5gcj

So have a Reception filled with “Love, Fun and Dreams Coming True”.