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Top Wedding Planning Tips

Monday, January 6th, 2014

You’ve just announced your engagement, maybe even had a party to celebrate it and now you are basking in the post-moment afterglow. Don’t get complacent though because your wedding isn’t going to plan itself. Also, just because the actual event is months away it doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax in the meantime. The success of every wedding depends on its planning and yours isn’t going to be any different, so take note of these simple steps to ensure your dream day goes as smoothly as possible.


Buy a Calendar

Your wedding date is set and this is the day to which all your planning should be aiming towards. Write your special day in big letters and then work backwards from this in your planning. Outline specific dates by which you want to have things finalised. For example, if your wedding will be on March 24 then write on your calendar that you want the wedding venue and reception location reserved by July 31. Get as much done in the first few months after your engagement to save yourself unnecessary stress and hassle as your big day approaches. Imagine trying to reserve your perfect venue only to find that a more prepared couple have beaten you to it.

Share the Responsibility

It sounds obvious but the responsibility of planning your wedding lies with both of you. Yes, the bride-to-be is usually more excited and will inevitably take the lead in preparations, but the groom-to-be also needs to be involved as much as possible. Write a complete list of everything you need to accomplish and then split the tasks 50/50 between you. Choose the tasks that you want to do as this will make him feel more involved with the whole process and not just a spectator until he is needed on the big day. He isn’t going to necessarily want to choose your wedding flowers or what colour your mother’s hat will be, but he will definitely want to have a say in what style of tuxedo he and his friends will be wearing. Likewise, he will probably want to have a say in the honeymoon destination and may even check out relevant resources like the Royal Holiday Blog for inspiration.

Wedding Day

The Devil is in the Detail

 When dealing with specialist wedding companies be sure that you detail all of your expectations and desires during the initial discussion phase. Be anal about it, this is your big day after all and any issues are going to be remembered for a long time to come. Get contracts from each company stating exactly what they will be providing, the date/time it will be delivered, the exact location and even what their employees will be wearing on the day. This will ensure you get no nasty surprises from any of the external companies involved with your wedding. Be sure to read the small print contained in the contracts before you sign them and make yourself aware of any relevant cancellation policies or fees. There may even be a grace period whereby you can cancel the service without being penalised – not that you should need to but you never know.