Dealing With Stress On Your Special Day !

Don’t Stress Me Out ! !
Don’t Stress Me Out !! It’s my Wedding Ceremony ! A transformation comes
upon what once a very nice, sweet girl into a demanding, mean spirited
spoiled little brat ! ! What’s all that about ? It’s called the approaching Wedding Day !
It doesn’t matter much if the Ceremony Vows and all the Wedding Planning
are in order. The Wedding Day brings a visitor called “Stress”.
Reverend Stephen Ongo founder of speaks freely.

Their was a radio show that had a little bit entitled “The Call Of The Day “.
What they would do is someone would call into the station with a real life
scenario of say a good friend of theirs is getting married and they have booked
their hall at such and such and they are very stressed that everything just goes right.
Now the D.J. would call up the bride to be and tell her that they are the
management of the Hall they had just booked and unfortunately they have
overbooked for your day and we are unable to honour your booking.

Now this whole telephone conversation is being aired on live radio and
whoever is listening to that station is hearing a bride to be absolutely lose it.
If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny. She has sent out all the invitations
by now, the call comes in maybe on a Tuesday or Wednesday and the
Wedding is on Saturday. There is absolutely no time to find another place
or even inform the 100 or more guests of the change. This is Stress at it’s MAX ! ! gy39ac74uw

This changes nice girls into another kind of creature. One you do not want
to be 100 yards from. Of course you can know some explicits are filling the
airwaves, some tears, alot of anger, some tantrums and a whole gamutt of
other emotions. Do you think this would be a good time to tell her that this
was only a joke played on you by your best friend. And that you are on the
radio to boot so all your friends know what you are really like under the gun.

Stress is not your enemy. To all the Brides to be it can either make you
or break you . You can come up like a shinning penny and actually be the
best you have ever been or let it turn you into a tyrant nobody wants to be around.
Stress is natures way of putting the pressure on you to let you know what
needs to be done and do it or get someone else to. Stress is not your
enemy or an excuse to take some drugs. Stress does not give you licence
to be rude, mean spirited or hurt or offend the ones you love. It has a
purpose and you should recognize that purpose and use it. Don’t let it
control your personality to the point people say she’s a nice person but
don’t get her stressed.
My exhortation to the Brides to be;” Don’t let Stress Change you
because it’s inevitable it will visit your Wedding. Use it work with it .
Stress can get alot of good and necessary things done for
Your Special Day so don’t treat it like an unwelcomed enemy.
Reverend Stephen Ongo over 1000 Wedding Ceremonies in 24 Years.
Now shares his expertise on his first website:
email: 1-877-714-4994

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