Top Wedding Planning Tips

January 6th, 2014

You’ve just announced your engagement, maybe even had a party to celebrate it and now you are basking in the post-moment afterglow. Don’t get complacent though because your wedding isn’t going to plan itself. Also, just because the actual event is months away it doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax in the meantime. The success of every wedding depends on its planning and yours isn’t going to be any different, so take note of these simple steps to ensure your dream day goes as smoothly as possible.


Buy a Calendar

Your wedding date is set and this is the day to which all your planning should be aiming towards. Write your special day in big letters and then work backwards from this in your planning. Outline specific dates by which you want to have things finalised. For example, if your wedding will be on March 24 then write on your calendar that you want the wedding venue and reception location reserved by July 31. Get as much done in the first few months after your engagement to save yourself unnecessary stress and hassle as your big day approaches. Imagine trying to reserve your perfect venue only to find that a more prepared couple have beaten you to it.

Share the Responsibility

It sounds obvious but the responsibility of planning your wedding lies with both of you. Yes, the bride-to-be is usually more excited and will inevitably take the lead in preparations, but the groom-to-be also needs to be involved as much as possible. Write a complete list of everything you need to accomplish and then split the tasks 50/50 between you. Choose the tasks that you want to do as this will make him feel more involved with the whole process and not just a spectator until he is needed on the big day. He isn’t going to necessarily want to choose your wedding flowers or what colour your mother’s hat will be, but he will definitely want to have a say in what style of tuxedo he and his friends will be wearing. Likewise, he will probably want to have a say in the honeymoon destination and may even check out relevant resources like the Royal Holiday Blog for inspiration.

Wedding Day

The Devil is in the Detail

 When dealing with specialist wedding companies be sure that you detail all of your expectations and desires during the initial discussion phase. Be anal about it, this is your big day after all and any issues are going to be remembered for a long time to come. Get contracts from each company stating exactly what they will be providing, the date/time it will be delivered, the exact location and even what their employees will be wearing on the day. This will ensure you get no nasty surprises from any of the external companies involved with your wedding. Be sure to read the small print contained in the contracts before you sign them and make yourself aware of any relevant cancellation policies or fees. There may even be a grace period whereby you can cancel the service without being penalised – not that you should need to but you never know.


Enriching and Fulfilling Honeymoon Travel Experiences

October 31st, 2013

Our honeymoons are the most important holidays we’ll take in our life. Symbolizing lifelong communion, love, romance and the first holiday you and your partner will spend together as a married couple; honeymoons are clearly most-cherished experiences. Whilst many of us are content with spending our honeymoons on sunny beaches or in infamous cities, some of us want something more fulfilling and enriching. Here are the types of honeymoon experiences that will help the two of you grow as human beings after your special holiday.

Kenya Masai Mara Holiday

One of the best ways to achieve an enriching honeymoon holiday experience is to do so through living amongst those with a unique and alternative lifestyle to you and your partner. Kenya’s Masai Mara tribe offers travelers the opportunity to do just that through accepting tourists into their community and way of life. The great advantage of this – in addition to the honor of staying amongst the indigenous culturedMasai Mara tribe –is the fact that you will be staying in the heart of the Masai Mara National Reserve, an ultimate safari park.


The Mara Serena Safari Lodge is located in the centre of the Mara Triangle, which is in the Masai Mara National Reserve. Those staying in the Mara Serena Safari Lodge won’t quite live like the Masai Mara people however, and will be treated with luxury rooms and suites that are just perfect for honeymoons.

Serena will also ensure that every aspect of your honeymoon is planned, so that you never feel lost or unknowing of exactly what to do.

All of the so-called “big five” are found in the Masai Mara National Park and so visitors can expect to see lions, African elephants, African buffalos, black rhinoceros and leopards.


Perhaps France seems an obvious choice but the romanticism of the French homeland extends far beyond the iconic Eifel Tower. The people, the culture and the history will all leave a lasting impression upon you whether you are in the lavender fields of Provence, the rolling Alps that boast some of the world’s best skiing or exploring the simply stunning French Rivera.


The nation that is known for its exquisite taste in food and wine accompanies these delicacies with grand and graceful architecture that is sure to lighten the fir between any couple. Explore the vast array of French cafes, chateaus, museums and gardens while you indulge in the essence of love.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica vacations are great honeymoon choices for several reasons. Not only is the vibrant Costa Rican culture enchanting and absorbing but there is great biodiversity here, a range of majestically awe-inspiring volcanoes and other breathtaking ecological treasures.


Visit the Arenal, and Chato volcanoes, and enjoy the Corcovado rainforest along with the Cahuita beach if you do want some relaxation.

Perhaps the best thing about Costa Rica is that it combines adventure spots like volcanoes and rainforests, with the relaxation of gloriously beautiful beaches. In this sense it is the ultimate honeymoon destination.

Ottawa Wedding Officiant Themes for Your Special Day

February 24th, 2011

Your Special Day has been performing Wedding Ceremonies for over 24 years across Canada by Reverend Stephen Ongo. He is an Ottawa Wedding Officiant specialist in Civil, Non Denominational and Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies. He goes to any location to make every bride and groom’s dream come true.

For more on Your Special Day check out our services and contact us page.

I have many couples sit across from me coming to plan their special day.

I am a Wedding Officiant here in the Ottawa Valley.

In my observations over the years I have seen many types of Personalities

of Brides and just for fun

I will classify at least 5 that stand out to me.

Just for Fun I have tagged them so you can see the personality types :

1# The “Happy Gilmour” Bride

She is a Happy, laughing, Joyful Bride that I must admit is a joy to work with.

She is usually surrounded by like minded people and the Rehearsal is most

often a laugh fest filled with jokers and pranksters and everyone having a good time.

The slightest attempt at humour made by myself on the Wedding Day is always

met with uproarious laughter from people there to have a good time.

The way I see it is all Weddings should be the time of your life. Laugh be

happy make moments that you can laugh about years to come.

2# The C.S.I. Bride

The Crime Scene Investigators on T.V my favorite C.S.I. Miami with Horatio.

But these guys never overlook a piece of evidence down to a hair folicle.

Neither does the C.S.I. Bride every detail is carefully examined and nothing

is overlooked.

These are the Brides that inspired the “Create Your Own Ceremony” Template

on my website. I have had a few of these Brides

give to me a completed ceremony from start to finish and every word I was to say.

The way I see it is these are the girls that know what they want and how to do it.

They don’t miss a detail but I just hope it is not at the expense of enjoying the process

of getting married or giving room for others to get involved and enjoy it with you.

3# The BrideZilla Bride

I don’t usually meet this Bride at the planning meeting or even the Rehearsal night

but she shows up on the Wedding Day. She has let “Stress” come as an unwelcomed guest

a Wedding Crasher and she has allowed “Stress”to create a little bit of a “Monster“.

Friends and family around her are only there to calm her down, pacify her,

say nice things and positive things or else she will hurt someone with her

words and behaviour.

The way I see it is “Stress” shows up at every Wedding but you can

Use it or Lose It“. The purpose of Stress is to get things done

that need to be done in short order. It’s the Stress that drives you to do

those things now. But if you don’t recognize Stress for what it is

it will turn on you and make you into a most unlikeable person.

So get a handle on this thing called Stress and “Use It don’t Lose It.”

4 # The 5 Star General Bride

Very nice person and very controlled but she knows how to get things done.

She uses Stress like a solidier under her command. Tools she has borrowed

from her Career in Management (Executive Type). She usually comes with

a dozen questions and wants to know as much about me as a person as I

want to know about their Wedding Day.

The way I see it though with this Bride;  it is all work no play and she has attacked her Wedding Day like a work project that needs to be on the bosses desk tomorrow.

She knows how to use “Stress” but does she know how to have fun, lighten up

a little let others enter in and  enjoy this whole planning process with her ?

5# Dream Weaver Bride

She is actually living her dream come true. I am the Officiant

performing her marriage she has dreamed about since she was 4 years old.

Everything we are planning and talking about is apart of her dream come true.

She is marrying her Prince and they will live in their castle in their magical Kingdom.

The way I see it is every marriage should have a sense of a dream coming to realization.

Filled with magical moments and happy endings. I am not called to awake a Bride

from her dream we all know how that feels when someone wakes us up in the middle

of such a wonderful dream. Afterall; I am apart of that dream the only thing I caution

the Dream Weaver Bride is about the”Wet Blankets” or those that feel you need a dose

of reality. She didn’t dream about them guaranteed but they will be there nonetheless.

The way I see it is make Love apart of your Marriage. When “Love

comes to your Wedding people feel it and real laughter and tears show up too.

Real happiness, fun and dreams realized are natural by products.

The details have away of taking care of themselves and Stress has done it’s job

and things get done.

So have a Wedding filled with “Love, Happiness and Dreams Coming True“.

From your Ottawa Wedding Officiant @ Your Special Day.

View our services and contact us page to find out more about Your Special Day.

Remember the M.C.’s Set the Mood !

August 26th, 2009

3 Types Of Wedding Reception M.C.’s and the Way I See It :
These days your Wedding Ceremony can take you to all kinds of wonderful
and exotic locations. The Ceremony Vows can be done wherever the Wedding
Planning is decided upon. Be it a Civil Ceremony or Traditional Wedding.
Reverend Stephen Ongo founder of speaks freely.

Then comes the Reception a time almost everyone has been waiting for
a time of fun ,dancing and drinking. But chose your M.C.’s well they can
set the mood for the evening or put a bad taste in the mouths of family and

I will classify at least the 3 that stand out to me.

Just for Fun I have tagged them so you can see the personality types :
1# The Happy Rambler
The Happy Rambler is the M.C. that was chosen because he is not
shy to talk publicly. He can talk to anyone about anything and someone
said I think I will ask him to be my M.C. The only thing they may not
have anticipated is when he gets nervous he “Rambles”.
He talks and talks about irrelvant stuff unprepared for the occasion
and after awhile your guests and family soon lose interest.
The way I see it is have someone in the family (not yourself)
kind of subtley screen what your M.C. will be talking about
and where he will be going with his material and give him a time limit.

2# The Loosey Goosey
The Loosey Goosey has been drinking a little too much before your
Ceremony perhaps thinking it will relax him/her to do the M.C.’s job.
But what it has done in essence is that it has removed all inhibitions.
Anything goes now bad jokes,off colour humour,sexist remarks.
This can quickly create a very uncomfortable atmosphere among
your guests and family not knowing why this guy/gal is up there “Ruining
Your Special Day”.
The way I see it is set the standards high for your M.C. tell him/her the mood
you want him to create be it a “Fun Laughing Time or Sentimental Loving
Time” and do not allow drinking for him/ her until after their job as M.C.

3# The Inside Man
The Inside Man or Woman has been chosen as M.C. because they have
the “Goods on the Bride or Groom” know all the little secrets and embarassing
moments in their lives. And now they have a chance to exploit them as the M.C.
Some of this can be tastefully done and in good humour but some of the
“Inside Stuff” is better left alone. There is no humour when the “Inside Jokes”
are only between the M.C. and the Bride or Groom and not fully explained.
The way I see it the M.C. should only sprinkle us with fully explained embarassing
moments and not make a full “Stand-Up Routine of Inside Jokes” only they get.
Once again have a trusted friend review the material of your M.C. tell him/her what is acceptable and what is not. aiht4q5gcj

So have a Reception filled with “Love, Fun and Dreams Coming True”.

Dealing With Stress On Your Special Day !

August 24th, 2009

Don’t Stress Me Out ! !
Don’t Stress Me Out !! It’s my Wedding Ceremony ! A transformation comes
upon what once a very nice, sweet girl into a demanding, mean spirited
spoiled little brat ! ! What’s all that about ? It’s called the approaching Wedding Day !
It doesn’t matter much if the Ceremony Vows and all the Wedding Planning
are in order. The Wedding Day brings a visitor called “Stress”.
Reverend Stephen Ongo founder of speaks freely.

Their was a radio show that had a little bit entitled “The Call Of The Day “.
What they would do is someone would call into the station with a real life
scenario of say a good friend of theirs is getting married and they have booked
their hall at such and such and they are very stressed that everything just goes right.
Now the D.J. would call up the bride to be and tell her that they are the
management of the Hall they had just booked and unfortunately they have
overbooked for your day and we are unable to honour your booking.

Now this whole telephone conversation is being aired on live radio and
whoever is listening to that station is hearing a bride to be absolutely lose it.
If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny. She has sent out all the invitations
by now, the call comes in maybe on a Tuesday or Wednesday and the
Wedding is on Saturday. There is absolutely no time to find another place
or even inform the 100 or more guests of the change. This is Stress at it’s MAX ! ! gy39ac74uw

This changes nice girls into another kind of creature. One you do not want
to be 100 yards from. Of course you can know some explicits are filling the
airwaves, some tears, alot of anger, some tantrums and a whole gamutt of
other emotions. Do you think this would be a good time to tell her that this
was only a joke played on you by your best friend. And that you are on the
radio to boot so all your friends know what you are really like under the gun.

Stress is not your enemy. To all the Brides to be it can either make you
or break you . You can come up like a shinning penny and actually be the
best you have ever been or let it turn you into a tyrant nobody wants to be around.
Stress is natures way of putting the pressure on you to let you know what
needs to be done and do it or get someone else to. Stress is not your
enemy or an excuse to take some drugs. Stress does not give you licence
to be rude, mean spirited or hurt or offend the ones you love. It has a
purpose and you should recognize that purpose and use it. Don’t let it
control your personality to the point people say she’s a nice person but
don’t get her stressed.
My exhortation to the Brides to be;” Don’t let Stress Change you
because it’s inevitable it will visit your Wedding. Use it work with it .
Stress can get alot of good and necessary things done for
Your Special Day so don’t treat it like an unwelcomed enemy.
Reverend Stephen Ongo over 1000 Wedding Ceremonies in 24 Years.
Now shares his expertise on his first website:
email: 1-877-714-4994

Wedding Templates for Couples

August 24th, 2009

We help to create your precious moments with our own personal wedding website.
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